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Whether you require PVC strips or PVC sheets, choose Flexible Extruded PVC from TMI.  Our The excellent lay flat qualities and straightness of our Extruded PVC is what sets our materials apart from the competition. Our dedication to providing superior customer service through innovation is what makes TMI the leader in plastics extrusion.

Learn more about TMI’s Extruded Flexible PVC Rolls in sheets or strips or build a quote from the master list of our extruded PVC materials below.

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    PVC Strip Rolls

    Browse our unmatched selection of PVC Strip Rolls to find a material suited to your application. Choose from our Clear PVC Strip products for unmatched clarity with additional benefits available including low temperature resistance and anti-static properties. Use our Weld Screen, Opaque, and Tinted strips to create strip doors that block UV rays, visibility, and reduce light for aesthetic purposes.
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    PVC Sheet Rolls

    Create panels to separate and protect with our bulk PVC Sheet Rolls. Use our Weld Screen PVC Sheeting to create welding partitions or curtains. With many types of specialized materials our Clear PVC Sheet Rolls are versatile while offering perfect visibility.

TMI maintains a large inventory of the most popular PVC materials requested by the markets, in stock and ready for rapid order fulfillment.  In addition, we can manufacture customized PVC materials to meet your exact specifications.  

TMI extrudes a large variety of materials in formats including PVC Strips and PVC Sheets ranging in thickness from .030 inches (.7mm) up to half an inch(12.5mm) in thickness and in rolls from 4 inches (100mm) to 60 inches (1,525mm) in width and anywhere in between. Our PVC materials are available in specialized grades including:

  • Standard Grade Flexible PVC
  • Low Temperature and Extra Low Temperature PVC
  • Low Temperature Reinforced PVC
  • Anti-Static PVC
  • Weld Screen
  • Non-phthalate
  • NFPA 701 or ASTM E84 Class A Fire Rated PVC

Compounds and extrusion processes engineered to create materials unmatched in quality, clarity, and performance.

Our extrusion process is controlled from pellet to product resulting in a product that is superior way. This means our team takes proactive measures to ensure the quality of every roll that moves through our production line.
At TMI we never:
  • Add Tin Stabilizers that permeate PVC with a noxious, unpleasant odor

  • Add DOPs, a commonly used plasticizer and possible carcinogen

  • Use Heavy Metals that can leach out causing harm to the environment

At TMI we always:
  • Produce the highest grade PVC in our state-of-the-art Extrusion Facility in Ohio, USA

  • Guarantee the satisfaction of our products with a limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects

  • Oversee the entire process of our extruded PVC production to ensure superior quality

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