///Weld Screen PVC Strip Rolls
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Weld Screen PVC Strip Rolls

Weld Screen PVC Strips can be used to create strip doors and industrial dividers capable of blocking harmful UV light created by the use of welding equipment and lasers. TMI’s Weld Screen PVC materials are OSHA approved for the use of blocking these hazardous emissions and are also fire rated.

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Product Description

Available in 3 colors (amber, aztec red, and dark green), TMI’s Weld Screen Tinted PVC Strips are OSHA approved. Choose from strip widths from 6 inches to 16 inches wide and thicknesses ranging from .040 to .160 inches.  A functional operation temperature range of 0°F to 150°F make this material a viable option in many environments.

We also offer Weld Screen PVC in wider sheet roll formats.

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