You Can Rely on Flexible PVC Film from TMI

TMI carries a complete line of flexible PVC films designed to meet your specific needs, ranging from General Purpose Clear, to Marine Grade Clear, Welding Screen,  and Premium Grade Clear. Our flexible PVC film comes in thicknesses ranging from .004 inches to 0.030 inches thick.

Flexible PVC film performs in both outdoor and indoor applications. Our clients use our materials in everything from restaurant curtains to marine windows, and custom bags to safety clothing.

Product Features:

  • Superior Material Clarity
  • Super Double Polished Clear (SDPC) Finish
  • Soft Hand “2S” or “3S”
  • UV Inhibitors
  • TMI’s Exclusive Low Cohesion Formula on Premium and Welding Grade Films
  • Standard Roll Size: 54 inches wide x 100 lbs.
  • Extra Wide 66 inch or 74.5 inch  Rolls available by request

Learn more about the type of Flexible PVC Film right for your next project or build a quote from our master list of PVC Film products.

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    Clear PVC Film

    TMI offers 4 varieties of Clear PVC Film, including General Purpose, Marine Grade, Premium Grade, and Extruded Clear & Tinted PVC Films. Whether your application is indoor or outdoor you can rely on TMI to supply you with a product unmatched in clarity and quality.
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    Weld Screen PVC Film

    We stock Weld Screen PVC in clear and 5 different colored tints as well. Use this material to create welding screens and industrial curtains to protect workers from UV light emitted by welding arcs.

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