Clear Flexible PVC Films Proven in the Field

We offer 4 varieties of Clear PVC Film, each with their own unique properties making them suited to different environments and applications. Our Flexible PVC Film is known for its extreme thin profile, superb clarity, and unmatched utility. Whether your application is indoors, outdoors, or even out on the water: you can rely on Clear PVC Film from TMI.

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    General Purpose Clear PVC Film

    TMI's General Purpose Film has a flexible, soft feel with excellent clarity. Commonly used for window applications and is printable.
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    Marine Grade Clear PVC Film

    Marine Grade Film from TMI is designed for use as windows in wet environments such as on watercraft. Mildew inhibitors, low temperature resistances, and superior UV Stability make it ideal for any outdoor application. Made with TMI's exclusive Low Cohesion formula.
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    Premium Grade Clear PVC Film

    CPSAI compliance combined with NFPA701 fire retardant rating make this material ideal for tent enclosure windows or indoor applications. Includes TMI's exclusive Low Cohesion formula making it easier to handle.
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    Extruded Clear & Tinted PVC Film

    Made through the extrusion process rather than the calendar process typically used, TMI's PVC Extruded film is available in higher thicknesses. Stocked in several clear grades and Weld Screen tint.

TMI's Exclusive Low Cohesion PVC Film Formula

Our team has developed a formula that makes our Marine and Premium Grade films less prone to wrinkling and easier to pull apart, while maintaining the material clarity unlike traditional methods such as dust coating. The Low Cohesion properties make these films ideal for applications where the materials will be rolled and unrolled or folded such as roll up windows and tent entryways. Watch the video to learn more and to see our exclusive formula in action.

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