American-Made PVC Strip Rolls from TMI

PVC Strips are most commonly used for the purpose of creating strip doors that have many specialized qualities based on the type of PVC material used. PVC Strip doors are found across many different types of environments both commercial and industrial and are economical environment control solutions that can be suited to all types and sizes of openings.

The most common widths of strip doors are 8 to 12 inches, TMI’s PVC Strip Rolls are available in widths from 4 inch to 16 inch widths. Many of our strips are available in both flat and ribbed styles.  All of our PVC Strip Rolls are packaged on 6 inch cores before being boxed to protect their pristine quality. PVC strips from TMI are all created in the USA.

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    Clear PVC Strip Rolls

    With most strip doors acting as traffic doors, clear PVC offers the highest level of safety through its clarity, while maintaining workflow and productivity. Specialized materials offer extra utility including USDA low temperature PVC and Anti-Static PVC.
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    Weld Screen PVC Strip Rolls

    Weld Screen PVC is used as standalone weld screen partitions or as a component of many industrial curtains and dividers. TMI Weld Screen Tinted PVC is OSHA approved and available in amber, red, and green tints.
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    Tinted PVC Strip Rolls

    Available in 4 different colors, Tinted and Translucent PVC Strip Rolls provide increased privacy while maintaining light transmission. This makes the material type useful for increasing comfort in bright areas or for aesthetic purposes.
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    Opaque PVC Strip Rolls

    TMI Opaque PVC Strip Rolls are used to create a more complete visual separation with its non-transparent colors. Available in flat black, white, or frosty translucent clear.

Should You Choose Flat or Ribbed PVC Strips?

Most of our PVC Strip Door materials are available in either flat or ribbed styles. To understand why you should choose flat or ribbed strip door material for your application it is helpful to understand the differences between the two and the unique benefits that both styles offer.

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