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Opaque PVC Strip Rolls

TMI’s Opaque PVC Strips are most commonly used where privacy or comfort are a concern due to their lack of transparency. Both flat black and white opaque types are completely non-transparent. The Frosty Translucent Clear PVC Strip material is semi transparent and allows light to pass through while obscuring visibility.

Product Description

All of TMI’s Opaque PVC Strip materials have an operating range between between 0°F to 150°F.  Available in widths from 4 inches to 16 inches and in thicknesses from .080 to .160 inches.  Use the black or white models where a complete lack of visibility is desired, such as airports, conveyor belts, and other secure areas. White Opaque PVC Strips create a clean, modern look . When light transmission without see through capability is desired employ our Frosty Translucent Clear PVC Strips.

Additional Information

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