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Anti-Static PVC Sheet Rolls

Flat Clear Anti-Static sheet material is designed to reduce the buildup of static electricity that is created when objects and people come in contact with the material. Use when static discharge could jeopardize operations to make environmental dividers, windows, and other components.

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Product Description

Anti-static sheet material is formulated to have a surface that is more resistant to static electricity, this means that a 5000-volt charge would be dissipated to effectively zero in less than ¼ of a second when in contact with anti-static PVC. This result demonstrates very good static dissipative qualities and indicates that anti-static material meets EIA541 and ESD S20.20 definitions for dissipative materials. Anti-static PVC can be used for clean rooms, server rooms and other areas that must be kept safe from electrical charges.

Bulk rolls of Anti-Static PVC are available in widths from 36 to 60 inches wide and in thicknesses from .040 to .120 inches thick. Rolls are available in lengths from 60 feet up to 150 feet long, but custom sizes are available upon request.


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