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Weld Screen PVC Film Rolls

Weld Screen Tinted and Curtain material from TMI is intended primarily for use as industrial curtains and/or weld screen partitions. This material is stocked in clear as well as five different weld screen tints (Yellow, Aztec Red, Dark Green, Blue and Charcoal) that are approved by OSHA to block the UV light emitted by welding arcs. The rolls are supplied in wider sizes so that fewer seams are required. All of these materials are stocked in .014 inch thickness and with a Double Polished finish.

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The compound used to make TMI weld screen and curtains includes fire retardant additives, UV stabilizers and low temperature additives. A light dusting is applied to the surface of the films to give them a “high-slip” quality, making them easier to manage when making large curtains. All rolls are packaged on 3″ cores and boxed to maintain quality. TMI weld screens and curtains can be heat sealed together to make larger curtains and/or room partitions.

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