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USDA Low Temp PVC Strip Rolls

TMI’s USDA-rated Temperature PVC Strips are approved for incidental contact with food items and have an operating temperature range of -20°F to 140°F,  making them ideal for use in walk-in coolers and freezers. Optionally, Nylon String Reinforced Strips provide increased durability while maintaining visibility and effectiveness at low temperatures.

Product Description

USDA Low Temperature PVC Strips are available in three styles, all of which have the same operating temperature ranges:

  • Flat Clear Low Temperature USDA PVC
  • Flat Clear Low Temperature USDA String Reinforced PVC
  • Ribbed Clear Low Temperature USDA PVC

The smooth face of the flat style low temp strips efficiently contain the conditioned air found in walk in coolers and freezers, reducing energy costs while allowing workers quick and easy access to cold storage areas. String Reinforced Strips offer higher durability with all of the utility of our standard USDA Low Temperature PVC materials. The Ribbed Clear Low Temp USDA PVC Strips accommodate heavy traffic like that of forklifts and hand carts while offering a superior seal and additional insulation from air pockets created by the ribbed face.

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